What We Do

LEARNING THROUGH SERVICE - Greenwich Country Day School 8th graders at YSOP

YSOP engages youth, college students and adults in meaningful service experiences through an innovative program that combines an orientation to the issues, hands on volunteer work and reflection. Using orientation and reflection to frame their service experiences, YSOP inspires our participants to broaden their perspectives and become engaged citizens.  

YSOP is a Quaker organization, grounded in Quaker values of respect for each individual, simplicity and service.  Our programs are non-sectarian.  We welcome people of every faith and belief system, including people who don’t ascribe to any faith. 

YSOP is a nationally recognized leader in providing high-quality volunteer service-learning experiences in metropolitan areas (currently New York City and Washington, DC). YSOP has been a pioneer in the field of service, leading thousands of youth and adults in service programs to encourage community participation and engaged citizenship through direct and indirect service to our society’s most vulnerable populations.

Each year, over 4,000 volunteers participate in our programs and serve more than 500,000 people experiencing homelessness and hunger. 

Throughout our history, YSOP has maintained a strong relationship with the three groups we serve:

  • Middle school and high school students, college students and young adults from across the country who participate in our service programs year round.
  • Community agencies providing food and housing assistance to individuals and families that benefit from having our volunteers to help meet the need of an increasing demand for their services. 
  • Homeless and hungry individuals who benefit from the services YSOP volunteers provide at our partnering community agencies and at YSOP Service Meals

YSOP’s collaborative relationships strengthen New York City’s and Washington DC’s abilities to serve all of our citizens. YSOP encourages young people to become valuable contributors in our diverse communities. 

YSOP is committed to helping young people become part of the solution to societal problems by showing them how their smallest actions can make a difference in the lives of others. We welcome schools, colleges, faith-based groups, service organizations, businesses and other groups exploring ways to help others.