Founded in 1983, YSOP is a non-profit organization rooted in the Quaker principals of integrity, equality, community, simplicity, and peace. Through our Workcamps, which embody the importance of both experience and reflection, we offer unique programs where our participants learn about a serious problem and leave with a sense of responsibility to serve actively in their communities.

YSOP was founded in the same spirit as the original international Workcamp movement which began in the 1930’s – the idea of a broad movement of people of different faiths, countries, races, vocational and class backgrounds who would work together in service.



  • 1983 - YSOP launched at Community and Service Conference in NYC
  • 1983 Summer - First YSOP summer projects with students serving Haitian and Cambodian refugee children in YSOP sponsored day camps
  • 2011 - 2011 YSOP involves 50,000th participant in service work
  • 2014 - YSOP serves over 4,900,000 homeless and hungry people since 1983