Our Mission


YSOP engages youth, college students and adults in meaningful service experiences through an innovative program that combines an orientation to the issues, hands-on volunteer work and reflection. Using orientation and reflection to frame their service experiences, YSOP inspires our participants to broaden their perspectives and become engaged citizens.

I wanted to thank everyone for another amazing YSOP experience. It never ceases to amaze me how well you all organize things for my students. It is always greatly appreciated for all the work you all did in getting us there and back. We already look forward to returning next year. My current 6th grade is asking tons of questions and they are also excited. Thanks for all you do.
— Fletcher McNeill, The GreenMount School
So many times we all want to make a difference but have no idea how to break into an opportunity to serve.  You provided that to all of us today. The young people’s reactions today were beautiful and made me realize that, given a chance, they might be the generation that changes the world.
— Benita Brucia, Adelphi University